We have a God of Justice.

There is so much going on in our world. so. much.

A pandemic. Sometimes I still can’t believe we are living through something like this. And sometimes I think time has completely stood still since March. But next week is June =) gulp.

Anyway, that is not why I felt compelled to write this blog post tonight. And to be honest, I am a little nervous to do so. I have felt as though I need to write about racism and injustice.

I want to be super clear. I come to this KNOWING that I don’t have very many answers. I don’t understand what it is like to be a black american today. I don’t really have any wisdom. I don’t know what the best thing for me or anyone else to do is.

I do know that I HATE injustice. I hate injustice of every single kind. I hate racism, abuse, corruption, oppression and exploitation. I think those things are nothing short of evil.

I know that God hates injustice and evil too.

I also know that as a Christian… I am called to love people. And its not that hard for me to do. I love people. How could I not? How could I NOT love someone that is loved by Jesus?

I have been in full time ministry for 13 years. In that thirteen years I have seen injustice, a lot of injustice. I have listened to children tell stories of abuse. I have talked to women who were forced into sex trafficking. I have prayed with people who have been beaten by someone in their family. I have seen people unfairly treated because of their skin color. I have been part of very vulnerable peoples lives who are “too much” for their families so dropped off at shelters or orphanages. My heart has been broken for so many people, so many people that I have loved.

And while it is only a drop in the bucket of injustice, I have been treated differently and taken advantage of because of my gender, my skin color, my marital status and my religion (I lived in a different country).

I feel the heaviness of what is happening and the blatant racism and injustice that has come to the surface the last several weeks. It makes me sad that people think any of that is ok. Life has value and those precious people were created in the image of God.

I want to always live my life displaying the hope and love of Christ to a lost and broken world. But, in this circumstance, what does that look like? What can I do? What can Christians do? What can the church do?

Well first of all, I do know I/we can pray.

I also know we can look to Christ. We know that justice will prevail. When Jesus died that horrid death on the cross, that was a dark hour. It looked like evil won, but through suffering it brought redemption… it won! The cross is the ultimate example of hope. Hope that the people who have been the victims of injustice because justice will win in the end. We also know that God is the ultimate judge.

Everyone is somewhere on the spectrum of feeling the pain because of this, to feeling guilt for something they have done, to feeling complacent, to their heart breaking for what is happening. I know ALL OF US can turn to God. He offers comfort. There is always hope. If you need to repent, he has mercy and forgiveness. And He loves all of those created in His own image.

I don’t have any answers. I don’t know what I should be doing about all of this. I don’t even know if most of what i just said made sense. But, I place my hope in the God is a God of justice.

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