The Exodus

When I think of Moses, the Israelites and the exodus from Egypt, it is easy to think of it just as several chapters in the Bible. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the story and event. But, then reality strikes that the exodus was very long… it was very hard… it was very complicated.  I can get wrapped up in a moment or an event and think of it as a movie or story from a book. I often think of the story happening within the space of a few chapters without really pondering what the reality would have been like. It was years in the making.

It is interesting and entertaining for me to think through the events that led up to the exodus.

For Moses, there is new knowledge. Then, the killing of an Egyptian, a lonely walk across the desert, a new family, a new job, a burning bush. The really long string of events in Moses’ life that brought him to the first time he stood before Pharaoh.

For the Israelites…the history, years of slavery, the days of plagues, the extra work and the fears.

How about the day the exodus actually began? The people, the heat, the dust, the animals, the tears and the joys.

Ok so now… They didn’t know on that exodus day how much they would still face in the desert ahead, how they would wander in the wilderness or die from sickness or cry for meat or worship other gods.

From the very beginning of the exodus to the end there is a lot of pain, disobedience, struggle, attitude, and death.

But, we also see God. His presence, guidance, provision and healing. We see his love, mercy and forgiveness on full display.

Our stories, my story, has a lot of the same things. There is a blend of harsh realities and sweet moments … all that have continually led me to my knees and in worship to our Lord.

Sometimes we get lost in the magnitude of the journey. How many have wondered what this journey has in store next? What are the new realities of life? Will we ever be back to what we consider normal? Are we obedient in all this?

It is so amazing that we have the Bible …we can open it up and see how life ended up during the exodus. We can see how God loves his people.

But we also get to see all the promises he has given us.

  • We can trust him Isaiah 43:1-3
  • His promises are true Psalm 12:6
  • He is faithful. Psalm 118:2
  • His mercies are new every morning. Lamentations 3:22-23
  • He can part the sea. Exodus 14:21
  • He is our daily bread. Exodus 16:4
  • My future is in his hands. Psalm 31:15
  • I do not need to worry. Philippians 4:6-7

(There are so many more, google it if you need to! )

It is beautiful to see the entire process and remember where you have been and where you are going.

I want to always remember Gods mercy, faithfulness, provision and peace in my journey… just like in the lives of the Israelites. We really never know what is next on the path or how long the season of “wandering” is.

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