Stay at Home- Day 50


Alright folks. I was trying to think of something inspirational to write about this weekend… but….. not happening. I did think… wow its been 50 days of being home. Except walking the dog and going to the grocery store, I have been home. Just Hippo and I. 

So, what have I done?

  • loved working from home
  • hated working from home
  • thought working from home was more exhausting
  • loved being home
  • hated being home
  • felt lonely
  • thought I could get used to this
  • napped
  • read 15 books
  • did two puzzles
  • played a lot of games on my phone
  • averaged 20k steps a day (except today, don’t judge me)
  • my dog faked an injury
  • made a new recipe
  • roasted coffee at home
  • done a bible journal page per day
  • ate a donut for dinner
  • burnt food and my apartment smelled for days
  • microwaved my coffee for 10 min instead of one and broke the cup.
  • hammocked
  • I have sent 1.67 million memes to people (and have received that many in return)
  • got lost on a trail
  • facetimed/zoomed/skyped more then I ever thought possible
  • tried on jeans to make sure they still fit
  • ran my heater
  • ran my air conditioner
  • had my windows open
  • Enjoyed extended time in the Word.
  • drove around in my car just to be somewhere different
  • only put gas in my car ONCE in 50 days.
  • organized all closets and spaces
  • binged watched seasons. Including, Tiger King
  • made bread
  • Took no less than 400 pictures of my dog being cute
  • considered getting more pets
  • spent lots of hours looking at cheap plane tickets longing to go somewhere anywhere
  • Thought all these protective measures were too much
  • thought all these protective measures weren’t enough
  • Miss talking to people in person
  • Got to meet so many neighbors—– in a social distancing sort of way
  • enjoyed the slow
  • HATED the slow
  • been sick of the only topic of conversation is Covid.
  • got to do some creative stuff
  • learned how to do a dip manicure at home
  • watched a person use hand sanitizer on gloves
  • now own a mask- but i really hate wearing it

How many more days? What adventures are yet to come?

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