…because my King is on the throne.

*I am a work in progress, as we all are. I often struggle with rest or slowing down or stopping. Its something I am actively working on. So, these are things I am not sure I will ever be good at, but I can keep learning and pressing on (maybe this is more for me then it is for you!)*


In the Old Testament awe see the world David lived in, we see one example of the word rest. “Rest” referred to a dwelling. Specifically, when the Israelites settled in Canaan provided and allowed rest. it the settlement in Canaan provided and allowed rest. In general, we see in ancient times that rest meant that the battle was over and the king was on his throne. Rest meant that regular lives could be start up again because the people weren’t at war anymore.

The promise of Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30 says, “I will give you rest,” he’s using the Greek word anapausin. It is a pause from labor, finding refreshment, feeling inner rest, or tranquility. And when He says, “My burden is light,” Jesus is using the word the word elaphros– easily managed, not burdensome, little weight, easy to move with. That’s good news for the weary and worn out.

My Father in Heaven, my Rock and my source of all hope is often (lately) prompting me to simply pause or take a breath and rest in Him. In the slowing down, that’s where God’s grace has met me.

A couple things I am learning…

(1) This is like anything new, it is taking a lot of practice (and if I am honest, I forget a lot). But, I think I am getting better, in the beginning it took a while to even recognize the need to rest or slow down. It’s all about the progress.

(2) Learning to shut out distractions and wait for Gods voice alone. In a world full of distractions, including my own thoughts, this isn’t easy.

(3) Being more choosy on what I say “yes” or “no” to. It takes so much to build up the resilience to say no! It is no effortless task to untangle yourself from the need to always be super busy. And I have noticed when I say “no” to certain things, I can take on more of what gives me life.

The rest of God means the reign of God. It means the rule of God. We are the people whose King is on the throne. Too often we…I… forget that truth. My mind is worried, and my heart is anxious. My calendar is full and my body tired. But I am still part of the people whose King is on the throne, and that knowledge can put my soul at rest.

So I am learning and truthfully I learn the hardest way possible. God is good and he offers rest. The rest that God gives is more than sleep. The rest God gives is a release of worry or anxiety or crazy thoughts. Because my king is still on the throne.

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