Today is a snow day. But I have also been out from work for the past couple days with the dreaded Influenza. For the record, you feel about as bad as they say. So, I write this blog ’cause it is what I needed to be reminded of…. maybe you need to be reminded too!

I think it is normal that we (sinful humans) allow different things bolsters our sense of “worth”. It can be work… friends… your house… car… boyfriend… spouse… how much money you have… what you own….

And if something happens to any of those “worthy” things so goes our worthiness.
And its easy. As long as life is easy and everything is going the way that we want it to, we feel like we are on cloud nine.

But there is a high price for finding significance in anything but Christ. There will be hard days at work. People will fail us. Our car will break down. Our children will disobey. Someone will get sick…. It’s risky business. Trying everything we can to build a sense of significance by banking on the past or future will not turn out the way we plan, I guarantee it.

But placing all our trust in the person of Christ…. That has the long-term benefits. He is always there. He knows before we speak, in fact, more than we speak. You can never outrun his love and care. God told Jeremiah, “Before you were even born, I knew you”. Well if that isn’t great and comforting news, I don’t know what is.

So, we have a choice. We can focus on ourselves, other people, things, circumstances……….. or God.  We can allow our worth be based on the rise and fall of our performance……….. or God. Every moment we have that option, the option to decide where we are putting our trust.

Our worth is in Christ, not in the world! We need to remind ourselves (often) who we are in Christ. We are human, imperfect, and since the fall, we have a flesh prone to sin and wandering. We fail God daily, and we need Jesus to be our Savior. But, it is through Him and His sacrifice on the cross that we are forgiven and in right standing with the Father.

And to end this we have a wonderful promise in Colossians 2:10, which in paraphrase says, “I am complete in Christ!”

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