Coming “Home”: Part Six

Coming “Home”: Part Six
What am I learning in this season?


We made it, folks! This is the last part. More than once I considered just stopping the series… its personal… its vulnerable… its me.

Well, if you have read the past five parts, you know this season has not been easy. It could have been way worse, but easy isn’t what I would describe it as. But, it has been an adventure! There are several things that I feel like I am learning, re-learning or being reminded of in this season of life.

  1. God is not boring!
    He is good at keeping me on my toes, full of surprises, He isn’t predictable. Sometimes He throws me off balance to teach me something, to show me something, to help me grow in some way. He knows who He create me to be and what He created me to do. My job is to take the curveballs (or what I think are curveballs) that have left me somewhat reeling and trust that God is who He says He is.. and do what He has asked me to do.
  2. The Lord is the one who strengthens me.
    I feel like 2019 was so crazy that it has kinda left me feeling less that strong and capable. I haven’t felt resilient or super confident. I have been a little tired, nervous, foggy, unsure. Through it all I am reminded that Jesus the answer to all of that. I don’t have to be overwhelmed or worried or discouraged because He is there. Believing and trusting that God’s Word is true and He offers strength, power and courage.
  3. I have not lost my identity and God isn’t done with me yet!
    I hope none of you rolled your eyes at that… I have always know that … even if I felt sad God was pulling me off the field. But returning “home” doesn’t mean is finished working through me. It definetly doesn’t look like it used to look… but He has a different purpose and plan here. AND, of course, His plan is perfect. I just have to give up control (which is hard for me) and completely trust.
  4. Joy and Pain can co-exist
    I never want to down play the amount of love I have for my new job. I think it is a good fit and I am excited that it is my new ministry. But, I can still be sad that the season of being an overseas worker is over. I do thank the Lord for the skills, experiences and abilities that I was given during my 8 years. He has uniquely equipped me for this new adventure I am on!

Well… thats a wrap on this series. I hope 2020 will be more writing, so stay tuned!

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