Coming “Home”: Part Four

Coming “Home”: Part Four
Culture Shock #2

There is definetly a roller coaster of emotions in any transition. Life is different now and I struggle to articulate everything. If I am honest, as an introvert, sometimes it is just easier to hermit myself.

There are times when I am so grateful to be in a new season. I am reminded that God has a good and perfect plan. I am along for the ride and excited about what is to come. There are also times when I miss Mexico and scroll through social media, or the photos on my phone, or the photo books and remember what has happened. I think about all of the stories I have, that most people don’t want to hear.

I do want to be careful to not portray that everything was easy and perfect living in Mexico. I do tend to try to romanticize the good.  Also, I try to forget about the stuff that was hard and and I have to wonder was it really that hard? Though I know in my heart that yes, it really was that hard sometimes…

I read somewhere, and now I can’t find it, but they said that a person coming off the field has “hidden scars and surprising superpower”. It is probably true. But a lot of those “superpowers” are not as useful back in your passport countries. I don’t have to barter anymore or sniff out if someone is charging me too much. Here I have all the ingredients I need to cook whatever I want. I kinda feel like my language skills and cultural knowledge is wasted and I fear I will never use it again.

Then there are some huge positives to being here!

  • I went to the bank today and I was there for two minutes. TWO MINUTES!!!! Not several hours!!!
  • I still have not taken for granted water. I can not only control the temperature but also take as long of a shower as I want.
  • I can flush my toilet when I want and flush the toilet paper (full disclosure, sometimes I still forget that!)
  • People “warned” me about traffic in Kansas City. People, please! Goodness, I think traffic and driving here is a stressless breeze.
  • I can go to one place and do ALL of my shopping. What a novelty!

— I thank the Lord for my friends, you know who you are. They went above and beyond to make sure my transition, especially in the first days, were as seamless as possible. They helped me set up my apartment, came to Kansas City to hang out, they have allowed me to ask the stupid questions, and understood when I just needed space.
— I am also thankful for my new co-workers and the organization I work for. They understand what it is like to come off the field.
— And I am thankful that I have found a church and different places to serve. That helps to get back in the swing of things.

Those things made it so much easier to come back.

I know that the struggle to leave was hard but that is nothing compared to what I would have felt if I hadn’t been obedient to God.  It was God who has led me to this moment, to this place, to this circumstance.

Jesus is my home. That may sound like a lame cliche, but its true. He is where my heart is. No matter where He has me, where He calls me to or what I end up doing. My heart can be at home, in Him.

My surroundings will change… I will change… others will change. But my God is faithful and will never change.

Hasta Mañana for part five! Only two more to go…

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