Camino Global is merging with Avant


As most of you have probably seen, Camino Global is merging with Avant ministries. You can check out it out at This is something that Camino and Avant leadership has been praying about for almost a year. Camino and Avant fit very well together in a lot of ways, especially doctrinally.

This merge isn’t something that is happening overnight, it will take the better part of a year to get everything merged.

While there is still a lot of unknowns, we know that God is in control and excited to see how He is going to use this to bring glory to Himself and further the work in the Kingdom.

We have been made aware that with this change comes the need of more financial support. We believe that God will provide this support and know it is ultimately for the good of the missionaries. There will be a significant increase in insurance costs, but we will be receiving far better insurance (along with dental and vision). Also, we are required to put $200 per month/per adult towards retirement.

Brock and Heather Hower and Tina Barham are stepping out in faith knowing God is going to provide this money! However, both units are currently under supported already and searching to not only increase our monthly support but have the need to raise the amount mentioned above too.

Our ultimate desire is to serve our Lord wherever He has us, and we believe that it is here in Amealco.

So we are reaching out to you. First we would love your prayers. Prayers for the merge, prayer for the ministries here and prayers for our finances.
Secondly, if you would like to financially support us, either a one time gift or monthly, we want to give you that opportunity!
You can give online at the links below, or message us for more information on how to give in other ways!
Third, if you know of a church, small group, or individual that we should be reaching out to us, please let us know! We are both working on getting in touch and in front of as many people as possible.
Forth, we both have update emails that go out regularly. If you are not on one of our lists, let us know! We will add you!
Finally, if you want to come down and see what God is doing here in Amealco, you are always invited. Send us a message!

The Hower’s –
Online giving:…/miss…/brock-and-heather-hower

Tina Barham-
Online giving:

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