Well, Where Has Time Gone?


Apparently I have been MIA from my blog since last October. It wasn’t necessarily on purpose… time just kinda got away from me. It is harder to remember to do a blog when you do not have internet in your house… but that is nothing more than an excuse.

So here is a little update on what is going on here.

  1. Coffee Shop:
    -Slowly but surely business is picking up. We are making ends meet with four employees and all the bills. We still hope to be turning an actual profit by the end of the year.
    -We just put in our first request for green coffee to roast ourselves. It is a small order until we have the funds to buy more. But, this is something sooooo exciting for us! We have been waiting a while to be able to do this! We will also be able to start selling coffee by the pound which should be able to make it easier to turn a profit.
    -We attended a coffee festival last week a couple hours away. It was not as profitable for us this year as it was last year but we made some connections and reconnected with some. We are even talking to others about the possibility of roasting for them as well.
  2. Community Center:
    -Over the last few months we have been creating a six level program that will ensure that we can give the best possible, well rounded English curriculum here. We have the first four done and soon the next two will be ready. Over the last five weeks we offered the first three levels. It is going very well and those students who are wanting to learn are benefiting from the intensive.
    -Our next block of classes begin when school lets out for summer break. It will be a shorter block, but should offer something for people to do when not in school.
    -We are looking into what it takes for us to offer an “official” certificate that employers in Mexico would accept.
  3. Church:
    – We are still in the process of waiting for the floor above the coffee shop and community center to be finished so we can move our church into town. It was suppose to be done last August (hahaha).
    – We named our first local leader in our church a few weeks ago.
    – Brock is still teaching a Bible institute on Friday nights to a lot of the church people. It is exciting to see their hunger to learn God’s Word and put it into practice.
  4. Summer Teams and Interns
    – We decided to take the summer off from interns this year and spend it focusing on getting the ministries up and going. While we still see the benefit of interns; both for the interns exposure to what God is doing around the world and the for the church people and ministries to experience new people… it has been nice to be able to 100% focus on the ministries.
    – We only have one team this summer and we are looking forward to it. We are going to be doing a mixture of church events, outreaches, community center activities and work projects.

Of course there are about 100 other things that happen here that aren’t part of those ministries that allow us to get to know people, belong to the community and be a part of what God is doing in Mexico.

I sit in awe of what God is doing in our little town. He is constantly opening the doors for new relationships and conversations because of the community center and coffee shop. He brings new faces to church constantly. He has given us everything we need, when we need it.

Thank you for constantly praying for the ministries here, we appreciate it.


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