Ministry Update!

Lots has been happening here in Amealco, here are some highlights…


The coffee shop is going well. We now have four very part time employees. Some days we have 1 or 2 people but most days we are holding our own. We are still covering all expenses, not having a huge surplus at the end of the month, but we are ok with that for now! Business will continue to grow!

We began our monthly specials in October. This month is pumpkin pie lattes! Eggnog and mint mochas are coming up in the next couple months!

flyer fall 2017.001

Last week we began our first BIG block of classes in the community center. As with every block of classes we had people come the first week, but expect it to grow a lot in the next few weeks!

We are excited to be getting to know new people and begin relationships with them!


The beautiful roaster is still sitting in the trailer. Because of the crazy amount of rain that we have had lately the building is taking longer that we would like to go up. All the material for the entire building is sitting there.

We hope to be roasting by the first of the year! We will need to raise some money for the first batch of green coffee, more details on that to come soon!

When we start roasting, it will technically be the third business that we will open. This is to sell coffee to the coffee shop, the local churches, teams that come down, or whatever.


And like we had always planned, we will be using all proceeds (of all the projects mentioned above) to do community projects in Amealco. We are hoping to launch our first significant project at the end of 2018.

19401913_10101728412385153_728214477932787729_o                                    (old photo, we actually have a patio in front now!)

Church update:

-A few weeks ago, 18 people were baptized in our little country church. Praise the Lord!
– 20 or so people are taking part in a 2 year Bible institute.
– We have bible studies, a guitar class, and various other activities.

We are also planning on moving the church into town. Right above the coffee shop and community center, actually! It will be a great location, it will allow more people to be invited to church without being invited to “someones house” and it will allow us to teach more community center classes (because the bible studies will meet upstairs). This also gives us a kitchen in this building! We can use that for church get togethers AND a place to teach baking classes for the community center. (If you are interested in donating baking supplies to stock this kitchen, let me know!)

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