New members of our team!

We are officially announcing today the
newest members of our team.
It is a thousand pound coffee roaster…
and two industrial coffee grinders!!!!! 


We would love you to Praise the Lord with us as we thank Him for this wonderful blessing. If you would have asked us a year ago where we would be in these ministries. We would not say where we are today! This was all just a dream, and a roaster wasn’t even on the radar yet!

About a month ago, we when we were praying for the finances to get our roster, we were HOPING to have a dent in what we needed (about 15,000USD) by the end of the year. Well, Monday we were able to pick it up!!!

There were SEVERAL “Thank you, Jesus” moments. A few are…
1. We did NOT have to carry $15,000USD worth of money in Pesos with us! (that would have been like two suitcases full). We were able to do two bank transfers with a  small fee! That made the 6 hour trip there WAAAAY less stressful!
2. We were not pulled over by the cops and questioned as to why we have a trailer… we were all legal, but you know how the authorities are here.
3. We told the company in Veracruz that we were in a hurry and wanted to get back the same day, so they were ready for us. Not only that they treated us SO well, loaded the machine for us and made us feel completely comfortable with our purchase.
4. We had a flat tire on the way back (on the trailer). Well it wasn’t completely flat yet, we caught it in time. Not only did it happen in a “good spot” because we were on a less busy highway and only a few miles from town, we were able to find a really great tire place within miles to get new better tires. It made the cost of the trip go up but we made it home safe!
5. We were able to do the impossible ALL in one day. Got up at 4 am and pulled back into my house around 10pm. We are tired still but we did it!
6. If we would have made the trip on Tuesday instead of Monday we would have been super close to yesterdays earthquake epicenter and probably would have been effected.

What is the plan with the roaster?
With the roaster we are able to do several more things in the ministry. We are able to serve higher quality coffee then we have been (when we haven’t roasted it ourself), we can sell by the pound to people and businesses in the community along with churches around the area. But, the important part is that we will be able to generate more income to use in practical projects in this community.

We are still about a month away from being able to roast our own coffee. We are in the process of trying and picking out which green coffee we want to order. Plus we need to raise a little more money to be able to buy our first batch of green coffee (after that, the coffee shop should be able to pay!).

Plus, our roasting barn is not complete yet. We have purchased MOST of the building materials, mostly just missing electrical, water and gas tank. Right now we are waiting for the people we are hiring to actually finish the building!

All in all, we are probably going to be wanting to raise another $5k to finish this massive project.

However, today we just want to thank the Lord. We are in absolute awe as to how He is working in Amealco.


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