Yesterday was one month since we opened our little coffee shop and community center.

There have been some busier days and some slower days… some classes that were well attended and some that had no one. But, that is how it goes with the open of two businesses.

A few cool things have happened…

  1. Nearly every day someone new comes in— usually several new people!
  2. From the first week to last week we have more than doubled daily profit.
  3. The church people have begun using the coffee shop to hang out in with their friends. Specifically, their non churched friends!
  4. Almost everyday, someone tells us that it takes time to start something in this town. Some have even mentioned they lost money for up to two years. Praise God we are not losing money.
    This has been an encouragement to us, not something that we let bring us down! It is a reminder to be faithful to the cause and not to give up too soon!

We have some specific things we have always prayed for with this location. That it would be a hang out place for people, that people would see the Love of God displayed and that we are able to make a difference in the community. Please be praying with us as we continue to work toward making these two places a place that glorifies God and is a light in the community.

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