Coffee Shop and Community Center OPEN!!

Hey all, just a little update.

Saturday was an amazing day to open the coffee shop. Eight hours before it opened the tables were finally going in and details we set.

The week before that we had a few set backs as we didn’t have water and electric in time to get the espresso machine set up before Friday. It was something completely out of our control and God worked out the details that Friday at 2pm it was installed.

Saturday we had lots of church people and many people we didn’t know come in and see who we were and what we were about. We were not constantly busy but we stayed fairly busy through out the day.

We have had people come in and out all week. Not as busy as we had hoped but we are optimistic for the future.

The community center opened on Tuesday and we have had students! It is exciting to see other people excited for english classes. This is going to be a great outreach to our town.



Over the last few days many people that we know and trust has asked us how things are going. We typically say, “business is a little slow but people are coming in!” Which they respond that it can take two years for businesses here to establish themselves and have a following. We take that as an both an encouragement and as a challenge to remain faithful and keep promoting.

So yes people are coming in slowly…. and lots of people are interested in the english classes. At this point we are ok with a few people an hour and 5-7 people for classes.

Please continue to pray that we can continue to grow and establish ourselves in this community. We have even already had people ask about who we are and our church.


Also, As you know we are raising money for a roaster. We are in the process of raising $15,000 USD for it and the building. This will allow us to further our outreach, help coffee farmers and provide an even better cup of coffee. Today we are at about $6000 of that need raised and we are Praising God for every penny!


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