Coffee Roaster Fundraiser.

Hello Everyone!

Now that we are ramping up to open the community center and the coffee shop (June 10th) we are looking forward to phase two of the coffee shop stuff.

Phase two includes finishing building the roasting barn and buying the coffee roaster.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 USD by the end of 2017!

We are going to sell t-shirts and coffee mugs with our coffee shop and community center logos. This has double purpose too…. You help us get one step closer to getting our roaster AND You will have something from Amealco to remind you to pray for us here!

So here is how it works. There are three things we are selling. A La Cima Shirt (community center), An Aroma Shirt (coffee shop) and an Aroma mug.

For $25 USD you get to choose one of those item*
For $40 USD you get to choose two of those items*
For $60 USD you get all three of those item *

*plus $5USD for shipping (you might qualify for free delivery depending where you live, ask about details!)

We are taking orders ALL of June 2017 and then we will be able to ship them to you by the end of July!

To order send me a message on Facebook… or e-mail me (
In the message tell me which tier you want, choose your items, and size if you want. I will let you know where to send the money too.

We appreciate your willingness to help us reach our
goal of having a coffee roaster by the end of 2017!

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