Its coming along!

Life is busy but its been a good few weeks for many things.

After nine months of living here, finally I am completely legal here in the new place! My residence is changed and both vehicles have the new plates, verified and insured. Its a process… but its done!


The coffee shop and the community center are scheduled to be opened the 10th of June. That is assuming they finish the electricity and water before then! Pray with us about that! We are in the process of buying coffee from the coffee farmers that is already roasted. We hope to get our own roaster towards the end of the year, stay tuned for that. The coffee bar and all the other furniture is being built, the logos are being painted, and almost everything is bought… including the espresso machine that should be installed on June 5th!


We also just finished the schedule for the summer. We had to change things a little because we thought the coffee shop could go under the Religious association that we are working on… but it cant. So it is now being set up as a mexican business!

flyer summer 2017.001

Also checking off the to do list for the summer. If opening two businesses wasn’t enough for us. We have…. at least one team and five interns that will be joining us. A couple of other events and activities and hopefully a little rest and fun.

On top of that on June 22 we will be moving the church from out in the country to town, at my house. I have an extra building that came with the renting of my property.  So we will need to put a bathroom and electricity in it, finish painting and move everything over.

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

And we want to finish the Casita at the Hower property and the roasting barn. The first so that we can host more and more people and the second so that it will be ready when we get our very own roaster. This is all dependent on finances.

Thats whats going on. The team here appreciates your prayers!


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