Coffee Expo

God is generous and knows when we need a little encouragement.

Not that we are super discouraged about the things in coffee world, it is just nice to get a little more encouragement… things never go as planned.

On Wednesday this week we found out about a coffee expo about 2.5 hours from us. But, basically, we knew nothing else about it.  Well, we decided to go knowing it could be nothing or it could be super cool!

Well, it was small but super cool!

We were able to get contacts of two people who we would have probably never been able to get contact with. Both coffee farmers/sellers. We are looking into buying their roasted coffee for the summer and then their green coffee once the roaster is here and running!

We also bought a coffee plant for inside the coffee shop….
Ate a coffee tamale….
Found really fun coffee salsa, caramel, chocolate coffee beans, etc to sell at the coffee shop….
Met an indian guy who we HOPE will provide us with the chai tea….
And got to hang out with some friends in the town we were at.

All and all… a great, long day…. and a much needed boost to what we are doing!


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