People are messy. And everywhere in life there are people. You can’t control

whether the young prostitute returns to sell her body. You can’t control the person that is corrupt and hurts you in some way, you can’t control the homeless man who just took your pesos and used it to buy alcohol and you can’t control those around you into making honoring decisions. But you can control your heart. Your response, and how you do it again, to risk it all and say yes to love
Love is such a beautiful thing. But loving others can lead to heartbreak.
The simplicity of God is beautiful. The power of our meager yes to love … His massive heart to show up. Because we know love trumps the hurts. Always.
When serving God with the love He can only give—- which can look like listening to the hearts of children who long for love or the elderly that have been abandoned by their families, or seeing what people do to survive, or knowing kids that were kidnapped, or seeing injustice and feeling your heart break for justice—- I have to rest in the fact He is good. Always. He is at work as I cling to his hand. With this I can breath. I can praise Him.
Processing injustice is a journey. A journey of “passing through the valley” but never remaining there. I pray that the people that pass through horrific situations, also pass through that valley and find Jesus and hope and laughter in the midst and on the other side.
And in moving forward, we (who choose to love) are laying the foundations of God’s goodness… waiting, while knowing, He keeps His promises.
“For since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye 
has seen a God like you. Who works for those who wait 
for Him.” Isaiah 64:4

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