Weekend of outreaches.

This weekend we were fortunate to have Word of Life- Mexico join us for a fun filled weekend of outreaches.

They did an absolutely incredible job of putting on skits, playing very well organized games and sharing the Gospel very clearly.

Satuday- 2 outreaches in Santa Barbara.

Sunday- The first was planned in Palmas, however, even with a government permit we didn’t have permission from the community so we couldn’t do anything. Two things probably are happening. First, they know who we are now and they are getting stricter.
So we went back to a new spot in Santa Barbara. It was great. YAY for flexibility!
Then we did another one in Jesus Maria, also a great time.

Today (Monday), they gave presentations in the public junior high school. They spoke on things like self esteem, drugs, self harming, making good decisions, etc.

We were thankful to have them, thats for sure!

Summer time is approaching quickly… like less than a week away! Yikes! Prayers appreciated for all the last minute details!

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