Señor VanGo

Up until yesterday the most money I have ever spent at once was my car, almost a year and a half ago. But, yesterday broke TWO records. The most cash I have ever carried around with me at one time… or maybe ever in my life combined… and the most money ever spent.

(a big shout out to Rod, Mayra and Mardonio for helping me with this purchase!)

It was on this beauty…


His name is Señor Pingüino Vinny Van Go. (Señor Van Go for short).
A big brother for Madam Dori Blueberry Lamblueghini. (Madam Blueberry for short). Maggie approves, can you see her in the window
He is a 13 passenger 2007 Chevrolet Express Van.
His purpose in life: Haul interns and groups all around Mexico starting in just two weeks!
Now on to get him licensed, insured, verified, his oil changed and new tires!
Here are some more photos if you are interested…

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